Hi and welcome to my website.

I am a photographer who for 20 years plus, has experience in the art of photography and I believe that photography is an artform. Whether you are photographing a wedding and recording a couples most precious day or a mischievious look on a childs face at play every photograph is special to someone. It is this fact that drives me and as every request is different, in turn every commission is treated with a new and fresh approach with every client afforded the latest in technology and digital imaging. All styles and aspects of photography are catered for.
If your photographic wish is to immortalise;
    That special wedding day
    A candid portrait of a loved one
    A family group
    Your beloved family pet
    or even a local or larger sporting event
I will endevour to capture and produce work that you want and that you will treasure for many, many years to come. The above events while they cover a wide range of photographic occasions are not an exhaustive list and should you want something captured in print feel free to contact me and discuss any queries you my have via the contact page. Colour, black and white and even an artistic blend of both can be delivered, a quick visit to my gallery will give you an idea of the style and quality that I produce. I am constantly trying new and exciting things and using the latest quality digital imaging technologies aim to produce work that not only pleases but is timeless in its own right. I look forward to making your vision a reality,

David Shaw